Nope, nope....and a giant side of NOPE.

You know how it seems almost every week there's a new flavor of Oreos or M&M's? Some of them are.....ok.....I guess. But, can't they just be happy with the OG? Coke joining in on the flavor-change-up-game now....and I may barf. Enter the brand spankin' new, Orange Vanilla Coke:

Gross. I mean, I rarely drink soda. But, when I do.....I want an ice cold, super carbonated REGULAR COKE (to help with the hangover, but I digress). And, when I want ice cream....I may ask the creepy ice cream man for a Push Up Pop.

Image result for orange push up

But, together???? You've gone too far, people. Too far. You don't mix orange+vanilla+coke. That's just gross. And, I'm not on board. You?

Stacy Lyn

Stacy Lyn

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