A Seattle Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Capitol One Data Breach

Capital One Data Breach Affects 100 Million Customers

A Seattle woman is pleading not guilty in connection to a Capital One data breach that exposed the information of more than 100-million customers.

Paige Thompson pleaded not guilty to federal wire-fraud and computer-fraud charges in U.S. District Court.

The FBI arrested the 33-year-old former Amazon software engineer in July after she allegedly hacked into a cloud-computing company server holding Capital One data sometime between March and July.

The data breach included 140,000 social security numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers culled from tens of millions on credit card applications.

The F.B.I. followed a digital trail, even bragging on social media, to track her down. A tipster provided authorities with Twitter private messages in which she mentioned data she had collected from Capital One.


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